Original Comforts are about 10 inches by 15 inches and are made with thick, squishy yarn. These are great for keeping in a hoodie pocket or under a pillow for a squeeze whenever the child needs an extra reminder of unconditional love and support. Many children who are in situations where they must sleep away from home find these very comforting.

Pocket Comforts are smaller, about 4 inches by 5 inches, and made of thinner yarn. They can be folded or squished up and carried in a pocket or backpack so the child can have the Pocket Comfort with them at all times. These are especially popular with older children and children who could use extra support all day.

All Comforts are textured and create a soothing sensory experience for the child. Holding a Comfort during therapy may help the child open up, as the softness and tactile experience of the Comfort provide a healing touch.

If you are interested in making and donating a Comfort, please see the specifications and patterns below.

Are you donating Comforts in your own area instead of sending them in to us? To make the Comfort experience the same for children everywhere, please:

  • wash Comforts in Dreft
  • package each in a separate plastic bag
  • print this page in color, cut out the inserts, and include one in each bag
  • let us know about your donation!

Financial support is available for the purchase of Dreft and plastic bags, and if you don’t have a color printer please let us know and we will mail you pre-printed cards to use. We can also provide the plastic bags.

Specifications for Crafters

  • Hand knit or crocheted. No machine knitting, please.
  • No novelty or art yarn, and no embellishments (beads, sequins, tassels).
  • Machine washable.
  • All ends woven in securely.
  • Full Size Comforts: use two (2) strands of worsted weight yarn held together or one (1) strand of bulky weight yarn held single (you may also use other combinations of yarn strands as long as the total weight is equal to one bulky weight strand). The finished Comfort should measure approximately 10″ x 15″ (within a few inches either way).
  • Pocket Comforts: use one (1) strand of fingering weight yarn. The finished Comfort should measure approximately 4″ x 5″ (within an inch or two either way).

Use one of the patterns below, or feel free to make up your own as long as it meets the other specifications. Try to keep it “squishy” – open lace and mesh are discouraged. All kinds of texture are strongly encouraged to provide a good sensory experience for the child.

Send completed Comforts to the address on the Contact Us page.

Full Size Comforts – KNIT

Pocket Comforts – KNIT

Full Size Comforts – CROCHET


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