Bringing unconditional love, comfort, and kindness to children in need.

My name is Liz, and I’m the founder of Comfort and Cuddle. In January and February of 2022, my eleven-year-old son was inpatient in a psychiatric facility after a suicide attempt. No visitors were allowed because of COVID, and he was terribly homesick.

I wanted to make him a little something to snuggle that had my unconditional love, comfort, empathy, kindness, and support in every stitch. As an avid knitter, of course I came up with a pattern for a small hand knit blanket, so he could give it a squeeze any time he needed some extra love and comfort.

I began to think about other children who are going through difficult circumstances, such as abuse survivors, children who are living away from home, and children with mental health, emotional, or behavioral issues that could use a reminder of unconditional love, sympathy, support, and kindness.

Inspired by my son and these children, I founded Comfort and Cuddle, an organization dedicated to providing small, hand knit and crocheted comfort blankets (called “Comforts“) to children in need.

Dedicated hand knitters and crocheters from all over the country generously donate their time and resources to create Comforts for children in need, putting their unconditional love, comfort, empathy, kindness, and support into every stitch.

For more information about Comforts, visit our Comforts page.